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Happy World Egg Day!

Did you know that World Egg Day is celebrated every second Friday in October? This year, you can join Egg Farmers of Ontario on October 13th to celebrate this special day with your favourite egg-related activities!

To make it easier, we have curated a list of fun egg-tivities that you can choose from below.

1. Read about eggs!

A great way to start the egg conversation with your students would be with a captivating book. Check out our World Egg Day-themed book selection here.

2. Take a Closer Look!

Get your students to take a closer look at the anatomy of an egg. You can use the comprehensive Egg Anatomy resource to learn about the different parts that make up an egg.

3. It’s Egg O’clock Somewhere!

Take a journey around the world with your students to explore and learn about diverse egg-based cuisines.

4. Order up!

Encourage your students to illustrate their favourite way of enjoying eggs. They can use paper cutouts, drawings, paintings, modeling, or even photography to showcase their creativity.

5. Enter our World Egg Day contest!

Egg Farmers of Ontario is hosting a contest celebrating the love of eggs. You can participate and win daily prizes or even the grand prize. We encourage you to share this with your school’s breakfast programs, which support a healthy start to the day for students. Click here to access the contest! 

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