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Holiday Egg Carton Crafts

Crafty Holiday Egg Cartons

Holidays are a time for cheer, laughter, and a time to hold dear. Holiday crafts are a wonderful way to create cherished moments for you and your students. See below for some of our favourite holiday crafts made from recycled egg cartons!

1. Egg Carton Snowman (feature craft)

Inspired by the popular book, Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright, take your students along Sneezy’s journey as he challenges to stay warm in the cold, cold, cold winter weather. Follow along using the Matter of Snow guide for an easy craft and read-aloud lesson. Scroll down for instructions. 



2. Egg carton Ornaments

Ornaments are a treasured keepsake for many families. Create unique holiday crafts using just a few materials, a festive tune and some good company. Explore more.


3. Egg Carton Finger Puppets

Get inspired by these adorable egg carton finger puppets! From holiday characters, perfectly wrapped gifts, and winter cheer. Use these puppets to support a class activity or allow students to bring their favourite story to life. Link here. 


4. Egg Carton Christmas Characters

Bring the whole team of Christmas characters together with this craft tutorial. Follow these simple steps to create an adorable snowman, festive tree or reindeer. Explore more.


5. Egg Carton Sleigh

This simple, yet creative craft is sure to stop a crowd! Add this reindeer sleigh to your bucket list and let your students get creative! This craft requires minimal preparation and cutting.

Let’s get crafting! 

Egg Carton Snowman
Step-by-step instructions
Step 1
Gather all your supplies to get started.
Step 2
Cut 3 egg cells out of the carton.
Step 3
Paint the 3 cells in white.
Step 4
Paint snow on the blue paper.
Step 5
Glue the painted carton with the face.
Step 6
Glue the felt and add glitter if desired.
Step 7
Set aside to let dry.
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