Egg Education

Eggs-ploring history

Eggs-ploring History

From Prehistoric Feasts to Modern-Day Delights

It’s been said that eggs have been part of human diets for many thousands of years. The history of eggs is both fascinating as it is delicious! Join us on our journey through time as we explore the fascinating world of eggs, from prehistoric feasts to modern-day delights! Let’s crack open the past and dive right in!

History of eggs

Eggs in Ancient Times

When our prehistoric ancestors first discovered these edible treasures, they probably ate them raw and on only occasion. However, the only eggs consumed likely were those found in nearby bird’s nests. Interestingly, current records show that chicken eggs began being consumed in Southeast Asia in 1500 BC. Although there is no knowledge of who ate the first egg, it is believed that domestic chickens were brought by Christopher Columbus to North America. The chickens used in egg farming today are thought to be descendants of those imported at this time, although this is only a theory!

Eggs Today

Did you know World Egg Day is celebrated every year in October? People enjoy eggs today all over the world! Whether enjoyed in a traditional dish or as a symbol of new life and purity, eggs are a multicultural staple. Explore the diverse cuisines of the world on our interactive page World Egg Day page.   

Egg Nutrition

Eggs are both nutritious and eggs-ceptionally delicious. With 12 grams of protein per serving, and only 70 calories each, eggs are packed with nutrients from A, D, E and B!

Eggs in the Classroom

You can bring eggs into the classroom in many different ways. Try one of our fun science eggs-periements or eggs-citing crafts to begin the discussion. Activities such as these help students learn about agriculture, food, and science in a fun and unique way. Here is a list of our favourite ones here:

Wrapping Up the History of Eggs

As we conclude our brief journey through the history of eggs, it is important to note that this humble, yet versatile ingredient has played a significant role in countless cultures throughout time. From prehistoric feasts to modern-day culinary delights, eggs have stood the test of time and continue to enrich our meals and celebrations. It’s worth mentioning that the nutritional benefits of eggs cannot be ignored. Overall, it is clear that eggs hold a special place in the culinary world and will continue to do so for generations to come.

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