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An "Eggs-traordinary" Science Fair

Science fairs are a great way for students to explore the world of scientific inquiry! Egg-themed science fair projects can be especially engaging and informative. Eggs are an incredible source of nutrition and they offer a fascinating topic of study that touches on everything from biology to chemistry.

Here are five eggs-traordinary science fair ideas for your students to try out this year, along with the resources and information they need to get started:

science fair egg float

Choice #1

The Floating Egg: In this experiment, students will explore the density of water in comparison to the egg. They will discover why eggs float in saltwater but sink in freshwater.

science fair bouncing egg
Choice #2

The Bouncing Egg: This experiment explores the chemical reaction between acidic vinegar and the calcium found in eggshells. Students will learn about osmosis and observe the effects of water passing through the egg membrane. They will also have fun bouncing their “naked” eggs!

tooth decay science fair

Choice #3

The Tooth Decay Eggs-periment: This experiment explores the influence of dark soda on the surface of an egg. Students will compare this interaction to the surface of our teeth and learn about the importance of oral hygiene.

shell science fair

Choice #4

The Disappearing Shell: This experiment explores the chemical reaction between vinegar and the eggshell, without the addition of water afterwards. Students will observe the reaction and learn about the properties of an acid.


egg anatomy science fair

Choice #5

The Egg Anatomy: This exploration aims to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of an egg. It includes a diagram of each part of the egg and explains the purpose of each part in the overall structure. To enhance their learning experience, students can create a 3-dimensional egg anatomy model using materials such as modelling clay, felt, or construction paper.


We hope these ideas inspire your students to dive deeper into the fascinating world of eggs and science. Click here to download the resource and get started on your egg-themed science fair project today!


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