Egg Education

Egg Carton Boat

This craft is a wonderful way to give your old egg cartons a new life and provide opportunities for exploration and creative play for kids. There are two criteria for the egg carton boat. It needs to float and be powered by wind! If you have these two factors, you’re ready to set sail!

What You Need:

      • Egg carton

      • Scissors

      • Straws

      • Paint and paint brushes

      • Paper

      • Glue gun

      • Aluminum foil (optional)

    Step 1: Cut!

    Cut the top of the egg carton off completely. Then, cut the carton into two equal parts across the centre. Each boat can be made with half-carton sizes, or you can also make a large one with a full carton size.

    Cut a rectangular piece of paper for the sail of the boat. Feel free to personalize the paper once it is cut to size. Once ready, pierce two small slits at the top and bottom of the rectangle.

    egg carton materials

    Step 2: Paint!

    Use the paint colour of your choice to decorate the egg carton. This will be the base of the boat. Let the paint dry fully before moving to the next step.

    Optional: wrap your boat base entirely with aluminum foil to protect it from the water.

    egg carton boat base

    Step 3: Set your sails!

    Stick the straw through the slits you made. These will be the masts.

    Have your egg carton handy and find the two top peaks. Pierce holes in each peak of the carton and stick the straws through the holes. You may need to cut the straw to achieve the perfect sail height. If the holes are too large, secure the straws in place with a dab of hot glue.

    Let your favourite collectibles set sail upon the waters and catch wind of the adventures to come! Happy sailing!

    egg carton boat sail