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3D Dino Easter Eggs

Create eye-catching 3D Dino Easter Eggs with a few simple materials. Gather your supplies and get ready to embark on a crafting adventure. Let’s dive in and discover the wonderful world of 3D Dino Easter Eggs! 

dino easter egg pastels



1. Black construction paper

2. Liquid glue

3. Chalk Pastel 

4. Printout template

5. Paper clip and string (optional)


dino easter egg template

Step 1. Print your Dino Easter Eggs 

Start by downloading the Dino Egg template and print it on your black construction paper. The colour of paper you choose will determine the lines around and, in your egg, left under the glue. Although the print will be hard to see on black paper, it is still visible enough to trace. 


dino easter egg glue

Step 2. Apply the Glue

Using a liquid clear glue, trace the outline of the egg and any details on the inside. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. We recommend waiting until the following day. 


dino easter egg chalk

Step 3. Chalk Pastel 

Choose the colours of chalk pastel you want to use for the egg. Keep it simple and avoid using too many colours since chalk pastel mixes very easily. 

Gently apply the chalk pastel into your desired areas, avoiding adding too much. Then, using a finger or a tissue, spread the colour to create a smooth surface. Avoid overlapping colours. As the teacher, you can use a lightly damp tissue to remove any excess chalk dust on the dried glue to make the lines pop! 


dino easter egg display

Step 4. Hang to Display 

After cutting out the egg shape, use a paper clip, and carefully pierce the top of the Dino Easter Egg so you can pull it through on the other side. Once complete, use your string to hang your 3D Dino Easter Eggs for display in your easter tree, by the window, or even in the halls for the rest of the school to enjoy. 


Tips and Tricks

  1. Chalk pastels come in a variety of vibrant colours, allowing your students to create eye-catching designs. You can mix and blend colours intentionally to achieve unique shades and tones, giving your Dino Easter Eggs a truly distinctive look. 
  2. Dino Easter Eggs are not only a fun craft activity, but also a fantastic opportunity for learning. As you research and sketch out different eggs, you can learn about dinosaur species, habitats, characteristics and more. Did you know that some even believe chickens to be direct descendants of dinosaurs?! 


Happy Easter!

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