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Art Attack Easter Eggs

Are you looking for a fun and creative art project to engage your students? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to make vibrant Art Attack Easter Eggs that will bring a burst of colour to any classroom.


art attack easter eggs


1. Thick Paper

Construction paper or cardstock is best, so the paint holds without damaging the page. 

2. Scissors

Cut the art pages into egg shapes. 

3. Paint

Choose a variety of colours to create vibrant designs. 

4. Painting Utensils

You’ll need a few different painting utensils such as paintbrushes and even toothbrushes to create effects and details on the page. 

5. Paint Pallets

Egg cartons make perfect palettes, made from biodegradable material. You can also use a reusable palette. 

6. Water container (optional)

Water can be useful when rinsing your brushes between colours, or to make the paint more liquid when using different utensils. 

7. Old clothes or apron

Being an artist can get messy, so it’s a good idea to wear an apron or old clothes that you don’t mind getting painted on. 



Let’s Get Started! 

art attack easter eggs

Step 1: Get Prepared 

Have 1 sheet of paper per student, along with their palette, paint options, and utensils. If using water, make sure to have a paper towel for spills and for wiping excess water from your paintbrush.


art attack easter eggs

Step 2. Get Painting

 Now comes the fun part – applying the paint! Let your students choose whichever colour and method of painting their hearts desire. Demonstrating big brushes for big strokes, small brushes for small strokes, and toothbrushes for small dots. 


art attack easter eggs

Step 3. Get Drying

After the class has finished painting, you will need to let the paint dry completely before cutting it into egg shapes. 

art attach easter eggs


Step 4. Get Cutting

After the art has completely dried, it’s time to cut them into egg shapes. You can trace the egg shape first or cut free hand. Just make sure they are all about the same. This is a step that older students can do, or the teacher can help with.


art attack easter eggs


Tips and Tricks

Protect work surfaces: lay down newspaper or a plastic tablecloth to protect tables and desks. This will make cleanup much easier. 

Experiment: don’t be afraid of encouraging students to try different utensils. Sponges, stencils, paintbrushes and toothbrushes are all great tools to try. 

Allow enough drying time: make sure the art is completely dry before cutting out the eggs. 

Have fun and be creative: the most important tip of all is to have fun! Let your student’s creativity shine. Encourage them to express themselves through their Art Attack Easter Eggs and celebrate their unique creations. 

Happy Easter! 


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